Product Warranty


Rods: 5-year limited warranty


Drag Mechanism: Lifetime warranty


Titanium HC-11 (Hand Control): Lifetime warranty


Silicon Drag Material: Complimentary 5-year supply (limit 20 per customer) just call us and we will send you a replacement. 50 cents each after 5 years or customer limit has been reached.


All of our products are tested before they are shipped to our customers. In the case of any manufacturing defects, the product will be replaced free of charge. The warranty does not cover damages from misuse or accidents. However, we will replace accidentally damaged parts for a small fee of $35.00. All you have to do is send us the entire rod and we will send it back to you with a replacement for the damaged part.

Return Policy


Free Returns

Feel free to take it fishing or just try it out in your backyard!


Product may be returned within 30 days of purchase. Please leave the plastic wrap on the handle.


Returns will not be accepted if there is damage to the rod and/or drag mechanism, this includes dents and scratches.


Free shipping within the United States.



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