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If you like simplicity and hunting for your fish, enjoy challenging your skills and want to fish all day long with full line control at the tip of your fingers, this is the product for you. 

Our carbon fiber, helical-core, fast-action rods are very light and sensitive, making them perfect for Euro-Nymphying and Tenkara style fishing. Fishing all day long is now more comfortable and enjoyable.

This newly patented fly-fishing method includes a cast control drag mechanism that replaces the traditional reel assembly, allowing you to easily cast various distances. This rod gives you full control of the fishing line.

Check out our “How to Use” section for specifics and order one today to try it out yourself.

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Every person has potential beyond belief. At Pero Fly Fishing, we believe in harnessing and unlocking this potential. We have been growing and changing throughout the years, but one thing always remains consistent; our commitment to our shoppers. 


We hold ourselves to the highest standards from packaging your order with only the best products all the way to delivering to your doorstep. Quality is what we hold proudly above our heads to give you the best customer service around. What seperates us from our competetors is our ability to truly connect and provide the care you deserve