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If you like simplicity and hunting for your fish, enjoy challenging your skills, and want to fish all day long with full line control at the tip of your fingers, this is the product for you. This brand-new, light weight rod allows your fly to remain in the water for most of the time while casting short distances.


This innovative fly-fishing method includes a cast control drag mechanism that replaces the traditional reel assembly, allowing you to easily cast various distances. This rod gives the fisherman full control of the fishing line.


This new design eliminates the guides on the rod, the fly line, and fly reel making this fishing rod extremely light weight. Fishing all day long is now more comfortable and enjoyable.


With these fast-action fly blanks, the fisherman can fish Tenkara style by using dry flies or heavy nymphs without difficulties. 

Check out our “How to Use” section for specifics and order one today to try it out yourself.

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