Setting up your new Pero Fly Fishing rod is quick and easy

Feed the main fishing line through the 4 sections of rod starting from the bottom. We recommend using a 12 to 20 lb. monofilament line. A shorter line of 25 ft. is easier to control, but a longer line can be used. The length will depend on your skill level.


Cut the line and install the stopper by tightly tying it to the end line with your favorite knot.


At the tip of your main line, install your favorite rig, this can be a dry fly, strike indicator, nymph or anything else you prefer.


Please use our recommended tippet for best rod protection, you will find this printed on your rod.


Your rod is now ready to use! Once you’ve set the hook, the pressure applied by your forearm onto the push-button activates the drag mechanism. This system makes it easier to pull the fish in by now simply pulling the line through the rod. 


When you are not fishing or want to move to a new fishing spot, the line can be stored between the Tenkara line holder and stopper.


We recommend running fresh water through the rod and drag mechanism from time to time. 

Please do not use any oils or lubricants. These can damage the product.